Firmware eeprom greyed out in repeater

firmware eeprom greyed out in repeater

firmware eeprom greyed out in repeater

Repetier. The eeprom menu gets enabled when a compatible firmware is detected. For this the host monitors the response on M115 and if it shows repetier firmware it gets enabled. Check your log what M115 returns and if eeprom is enabled after receiving this.

 · Firmware EEPROM Configuration menu item grayed out! Posted by GrowleyMonster . Forum List Message List New Topic. GrowleyMonster . Firmware EEPROM Configuration menu item grayed out! January 14, 2016 09:00AM Registered: 4 years ago Posts: 17 I am trying to calibrate my Sunhokey Prusa i3 and I have installed arduino on my Ubuntu laptop. The menu item is still disabled …

With both computers I can send commands to the printer (DaVinci 1.0A with 0.92 firmware) - all work well with one exception: On the deskop computer I can access the EEPROM of the printer, but on the laptop this option is not available (it's just light gray and could not be selected)!? The only difference I can see is that the laptop got the Arduino software for flashing the firmware on it, on ...

Hello, i've recently updated to 3.1.0 firmware and installed 1.9.2 drivers. Now i have a problem with connecting do repetier-host or any other app via usb. When i connecto to repetier (only bandwith that works is 128000) i have greyed out option for read eeprom and in manual control there is info that 1 command is waiting. After few seconds i ...

I used to be able to view and modify the eeprom parameters using Repetier Host with my Metal Plus. I just tried to do that and 'Firmware EEPROM Configuration' is greyed out. It's been a while since I tried and I've updated Repetier and the firmware on my 'bot in the mean time. Anyone have any idea what made it stop working and if there's a way to fix it? 3 comments. share. save hide report ...

If you read the firmware out of an existing EPROM, it occupies the address space from hex 0000 to hex 7FFF, but when residing in the radio, it occupies the space from hex 8000 to hex FFFF. I use Hex Workshop to hex edit all my binary files. I've set it up for Motorola byte order and to display 16 individual bytes per line on the screen. Replacing the EPROM: Before you replace the EPROM, you ...

You can connect the FRITZ!Box as a wireless repeater to an existing FRITZ!Box (access point). Internet and telephony services configured in the existing FRITZ!Box are then available to the FRITZ!Box configured as the wireless repeater and can be used by the devices connected to this FRITZ!Box, such as computers and telephones. The FRITZ!Box cannot be used as a wireless repeater with a router ...

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